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What is Music Exchange Radio

Music Exchange Radio is a new and innovative media network which uses the combination of 24 hour live streaming, radio, television, website, and smart phone app, to market and promote independent music of all genres, culturally influence entrepreneurs, music and business education, all in relevance to independent artist. will use informative and entertaining radio shows to expose new music with interviews, blogs, artist spotlights, new music countdowns, to build a personal relationship between the artist and consumers. will use its website capabilities to not only give consumers a more in depth view of new artists but also provide the consumers with an opportunity  to influence programming by voting on the website and phone app, for music, artists, dj's, shows, and products that excel building a better relationship between the media network and the consumer. In addition, advertisers will also have the opportunity to use to website to promote, products, events, and services that cater to music and entertainment industry.
     As it relates to the phone app, consumers will also be provided the opportunity to
take their entertainment on the go. smart phone app will provide the same capabilities as the website. will be a web based Television channel featured on the website. It will provide new and pioneering television producers a platform to air, promote, and market new t.v. programing. also provide consumers the opportunity to rate and critique these shows, providing producers with inspiring  feedback.
     In conclusion, will be a media network which will be dedicated for independent artist, new entrepreneurs, and the lovers of the music and entertainment industry, also to support unity, cross marketing across genres, and business education, while providing entertainment at the same time.

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