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Step 1.

      *Chose one of our artist promotional packages listed below

Artist Promotion packages

Package #1
$125 Artist Promotion Package
    •    Artist Spotlight Interview (will play 2x per week)
    •    Gets up to 2 songs in rotation
    •    30 exposures a month (If you submit 2 Songs, each song will get equal amount of exposure)
    •    30 second radio commercial promoting Artist / Music / Song in rotation
    •    Picture and Bio on Music Exchange page on
    •    Each week all music in rotation will be featured in everything Music Top 5 Countdown

Package #2
$60  Artist Promotion Package
    •    Artist Spotlight Interview
    •    Gets 1 song into rotation
    •    30 exposures a month 

Step 2.

     * Send Email with your Name, Phone number, a clean version of your music (preferably MP3 format) Social media links, website, Picture, and Bio, etc. to...

Once receive the asked for materials and payment you will be contacted for a radio and video interview, and your music will be added to the stations rotation.


Artist Spotlight Music

Avion Avion

Coffee Audio Diva

Chasafam Guala

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