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Music Exchange Rates & Services
Commercial Production    --------------------------------------------------------------------   $50/per commercial
NOTE: Prices may vary with project difficulty


Website Advertisement Placement -------------------------------------------------------  $30/ Per Month


Standard Commercial Rate --------------------------------------------------------------------  $20/30 sec & $30/60 sec
NOTE: Prices may Increase or Decrease base on Peak Listenership


Event Live Media Coverage --------------------------------------------------------------------  $ 400/ per event
   *Red Carpet Experience, 
   *Photography , 
   *Videography , 
   *On-Air Personality 
   *30x Commercials
   *Social Media Marketing 
   *Digital copy of all footage within 48 hours


Live Radio Broadcast Onsite -------------------------------------------------------------------- $500/Broadcast
   *Radio equipment set up
   *Banner display set up
   *Event planning
   *30x commercial promoting event
   *Event Photography 
   *Event Videography
   *Social Media Marketing

   *Digital copy of all footage within 48 hours


Live Video Streaming from Location ----------------------------------------------------------- $250/per hr


Artist Promotion Packages --------------------------------------------------------------------  Starting  @ $150/month
(Interviews , Website Placement, Social Media, Commercial & Music Exposure)


Marketing/Media /Image Consulting ------------------------------------------------------    $40/per 1hr session 
The development of marketing ,media & imagining strategies to increase brand awareness and revenue


Music Exchange Graphic Design -------------------------------------------------------------   $40/per design


Music Exchange Radio Web Design ---------------------------------------------------------  Starting @ $200/website


Music Exchange Event Photography --------------------------------------------------------  $60/per hr


Music Exchange Radio Event Videography ------------------------------------------------ $100/per hr
NOTE:  Prices may vary with project difficulty

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