They’re FIGHTING On the Set Of EMPIRE . . . . Terrence Howard Gets CUT . . . And He PUNCHED Bryshere

July 23, 2015: just heard an EXPLOSIVE rumor that TERRENCE HOWARD punched co-star Bryshere "Yazz" Greay in the face, yesterday during taping of the new season of Empire. We heard this rumor from a MAKEUP ARTIST that works on the show - so there HAS TO BE AT LEAST SOME truth to it.\

Warning - This tea is BOILING HOT and FRESHLY BREWED!!!

Normally we wouldn't report an unconfirmed rumor, but its also being reported elsewhere on the internets. Here's what is being reported. "Yazz (Gray) did a scene with Terrence Howard where he was supposed to hit him with a plastic bottle, but he hit him with a real bottle… and cut him for real!” the source explained. “Terrence hauled off and punched him in the face. You know Terrence is crazy and something was bound to pop off with this show.”

And it gets even juicier. Here's more - “Yazz [has a medical condition that effects his emotions], but he won’t take his med . . . Terrence felt he did it on purpose, but everybody else is blaming it on the bipolar disorder.”

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